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Greetings, Jewanimals! My name is Willy, aka Lucky. After growing up with Doc and Dallas in Hudson, Ohio, I managed to stay in Northeast Ohio and hold down the Jefort. Eventually, I found myself on a spirit journey backpacking Europe. Once I came back to the states sufficiently worldly, I started a radio show and awkwardly danced around the music scene for a bit. My career landed me in Music City, USA and I now live in Nashville, Tennessee where I met JP Dollarsign and formed the four-piece lineup of JEWAM you know and love. So... you know… you’re welcome.

1) When I graduated from Hudson High, Doc and Dallas came back to celebrate. During our big graduation party at our friend Mary’s house, Doc and I got our friend Jason (a former member of JEWAM) to spin on a tire swing so long that he eventually fell and hit his head on a fence post. While others took the situation very seriously, Doc and I laughed the entire time. We laughed when they yelled, “He’s bleeding!” We laughed when the ambulance came. We laughed when they said he’d need stitches. We just... never... stopped... laughing. I can’t explain it, but it defines my relationship with my best friend.
2) Doc once got me a gift certificate for my birthday when we were about 13 years old. I used that certificate to buy him a Hanson record for his birthday. At the time, he was like, “What the hell, man?” But guess what? Doc loves Hanson now.

1) JP and I met while waiting tables at a TexMex restaurant. Day after day, we would randomly sing across the bar to each other in two part harmony. I knew immediately that he was fit for JEWAM. I tested this theory on a table full of women, offering to have JP and me serenade them if they bought another round. Hearts were melted and a boy band brotherly bond was formed.
2) JP Dollarsign is also a bit of a stress eater. This is an amazing dichotomy if you know how healthy and wholistic JP is in real life. He drinks aloe… who drinks aloe? But during the recording sessions, JP was very stressed about getting things right. He literally ate about $100 worth of candy and chips in 5 hours, earning himself the nickname ‘Snack Money’.

1) Many people don’t know this, but Dallas is a very well-trained and talented violinist. His fiddle skills have graced stages north and south. One of my favorite performances, however, is when he and I dressed up as hillbillies and flash mobbed our middle school football game for a hoedown. Instead of getting thrown out of the stadium, somehow we started a genuine hoedown. Both teams and the folks in the stands joined in. That day, I learned the power of our combined ability to entertain the masses.
2) During our college years, I went down to Lubbock, Texas to visit Dallas at school. He made me an honorary member of his fraternity. As one who did not drink much at the time, I was ill prepared for such shenanigans. I made a fool of myself trying to keep up with his fraternity brothers, losing almost everything except the trench coat on my back… just the trench coat… ladies…